Christmas in Europe part 2 (Hungary)

Budapest is one of the most photogenic cities.

After a lovely Christmas break in the U.K. my wife and I made our way to Budapest, Hungary to celebrate Christmas with her family. For me it was amazing to spend time with them but I also love visiting Budapest. Any excuse to go there!

The 24th December is the main day of festivities in Hungary, similar to other countries in central and Eastern Europe. This is when the family gets together to enjoy a meal together and decorate the tree. Lucky for us her brother is a chef at a wonderful restaurant in Budapest (Mazel Tov)so I didn't need to worry about cooking.  It was a fantastic meal and helped make the whole day special for everyone.

So I'm in Budapest and although it is literally freezing, it was clearly a perfect opportunity to take a few wintry photos of the beautiful city.  One night I spent so long taking photos of the Chain Bridge that my wife's feet went numb from the cold. Oops. 

I took hundreds of photos. Probably half of them just of the Chain Bridge and parliament. Just below you'll see a selection of my favourites. I'm really pleased with the parliament shot, taken after sunset on a 3 second shutter.  Of all the landmarks in Budapest, this is probably the most iconic and for good reason. It's a fantastic building.

The shots of the tram and Buda Castle are also up there on my favourites list. The famous number 2 tram travelling through the mist is a little eerie but is one of those Budapest scenes that is not just a tourist photo, it's real.

Night time at Buda castle. 

Budapest tram through the mist. 

A frozen wife didn't stop me photographing the Chain Bridge. 

Budapest parliament, such a lovely building. 

Christmas market in front of St Stephens Basilica. 

Hope you've enjoyed these photos of Budapest, it was a very merry Christmas for me and my camera.