Weekend Break In Sydney

Finding the time for photography in Sydney.

I haven't been to Sydney in a long while so my wife and I decided to take a trip there last weekend. My camera came with me of course but my main reason for going was that Brandon Sanderson had signed some hardback copies of his Stormlight Archive series at a few book stores, which I just had to pick-up if I could. I could!

The Galaxy book store had a few left and I managed to get both books from the series. That out of the way it was also a great opportunity to photograph the city and although it's been done a million times, I wanted to try some shots of the bridge.

My three favourite shots of the day are here for you to see, what do you think? The classic shot that shows off the whole bridge is great but I wanted to try a few closer ones. It was a sunny, clear winter's day with lots of bridge climbers so a great opportunity to play with silhouettes of the climbers and the straight lines of the bridge itself. 


Lovely sunset and view of the bridge climbers


Interesting clouds behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge


Lots of people climbing the bridge on this beautiful winter's day