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Christmas in Europe part 2 (Hungary)

After a lovely Christmas break in the U.K. my wife and I made our way to Budapest, Hungary to celebrate Christmas with her family. For me it was amazing to spend time with them but I also love visiting Budapest. Any excuse to go there!

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Christmas in Europe part 1 (England)

The England leg of the Europe trip was great. I never fully appreciated how pretty some parts of the UK were when I was there. Driving through the Mendips and surrounding area really made me see it as a photographer would - lovely place!

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Alternatives to Starbucks in Budapest

You book a trip to the beautiful city of Budapest. You decide that THIS is the trip where you finally get out of your comfort zone and speak some of the local language. You arrive in Budapest after learning some 'survival' Hungarian on the flight and take a walk to a nearby cafe…

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