Enjoying the view from home

Photography on your doorstep.

Sometimes the best photography locations are closer than you think. I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of some great Melbourne sights such as the Shrine of Remembrance or St Kilda beach. With so many great places to enjoy photography nearby I forgot how amazing it is to go to the roof of my building and take in the view from up there - the view from my home is possibly one of the nicest places to photograph the sunrises and sunsets that Melbourne has to offer, plus some great view of the CBD, Albert Park and the Shrine of Remembrance.

Trying out an ND Filter

Since purchasing my OMD EM-10 almost a year ago I have stayed away from filters, deciding that first of all I'd simply learn how to get the most out of the camera. After seeing how good a cloudy day or stormy sea can look using an ND filter I decided it was time to learn how to get the most out of this filter. After a bit of research I opted to purchase an ND64 filter first which gives an f-stop reduction of 6.

There are plenty of online articles and Youtube videos to teach you how to use an ND filter - my favourite is from the youtube series by Mike Browne. He knows what he is doing and the video quality is excellent.

So, for a first attempt I wanted to try and capture the Melbourne CBD at sunset with a little blurring of the clouds. First thing I noticed was that it was much easier to get the exposure I wanted with the ND filter attached.  I think the sunset is exposed nicely and the effect I wanted in the clouds is not perfect, but certainly smoothed more than without the filter. I think if the filter was a higher f-stop reduction the effect would have been much more pronounced.

View of the Melbourne CBD from home.

Balloons at sunrise

Another good photo opportunity from home is the many balloons that fly past our balcony on their way to land near Albert Park. They take off early and fly pretty close to us which, when coupled with a colourful sunrise, gives me a great setting for a picture.

My favourite shot of the balloons is where the mountains in the distance are crystal clear, the sunrise is hitting the clouds and the balloons are silhouetted in the sky. I must have taken 50 of these shots over the past 12 months but the picture below is my favourite by far!

Balloons at sunrise in Melbourne.

Taking photographs is great anywhere but sometimes it is worth looking a bit closer to home before venturing out, you might be missing out on some of the best sights there are, right on your doorstep - literally.