A week in paradise

Incredible photography experience on Hamilton Island.

Melbourne is an amazing city, no doubt about that. Great food, safe, lots of sporting events.. the list is endless. Melbourne is still a city though and my wife really wanted to go to a white sandy beach and relax. There are a few beaches near Melbourne but a white sandy beach was requested. 

The answer to our beach question was easy. Rated as the top beach in Australia several times, Whitehaven would be perfect. That meant staying nearby so a trip to Hamilton Island was arranged!  

Hamilton Island is incredible. For anyone that hates airports and the inevitable costly ride to the hotel, Hamilton is a good choice. You get off the plane and within 10 minutes you're at your hotel drinking champagne - bags brought to your room from the aircraft by hotel staff. We stayed at Beach Club but I reckon the experience is similar across the hotels on the island.

The trip was a lot of fun as well as relaxing. The hotel offered free use of kayaks and snorkel gear which we tried out one sunny day. We had brought along a waterproof camera with these sorts of activities in mind and it turned out to be a great idea. I didn't manage to find Nemo whilst snorkelling but saw a few other tropical fish. Kayaking was a bit of a workout but meant we got to see the shoreline from a different perspective.

My camera was put to good use on the trip. It shot sunsets, sunrises, the Great Barrier Reef from the air, Whitehaven beach, storms and other island treats. We even took a trip in a seaplane which was probably my favourite holiday experience - ever.  Of the shots below I think the sunset from One Tree Hill is my favourite. You can have a cocktail nearby then try and capture a panaormic shot of the islands while the sun goes down. Perfect!

A ship sails away from Whitehaven beach.

Love this tree, right on Whitehaven beach.

The famous heart reef. Spectacular place!

The hotel treated us on our wedding anniversary.

Sunset from One Tree Hill.

I will write separate posts on Whitehaven and the Great Barrier Reef. They were both truly amazing places and I took rather a lot of photos there. Hope you've enjoyed the pics so far though?