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Australian Landscape Photography

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Australian Landscape Photography

In Australia we’re lucky to have some of the most impressive landscapes in the world. From windswept coastlines to lush rainforests, Australia has a location to suit most photography styles. I live in Melbourne and appreciate how stunning the skyline is in this city. My portfolio tries to capture the beauty of the land and the cities of Australia.

International Travel portfolio

When travelling I ensure my camera gear has a place in my luggage so that I can capture images from my adventures. Although predominately Australia focussed, my portfolio contains a collection of International cityscape and landscape photography, too.

Blog Articles

I wanted to be able to share some of my experiences and advice through these blog style articles. They focus on landscape photography with a touch of travel tips in there as well.

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Who isn’t on Instagram these days? It’s a great place to share the adventures and fun I get up to on my photography trips both in Australia and beyond.