Spectacular Sydney

As regular readers will know, I am living in Melbourne and this blog mainly features photography from either Melbourne or Budapest. I like to travel though and it seems a shame to not share my photography from other locations on my travels. In Australia there are countless spots to take a great photo and have fun with your camera, so I'll be sharing more of them, and of course when I head back to Europe for a trip I'll see where my camera takes me.

I decided to start quite controversially with...Sydney! The best/second best city in Australia depending on whether you live in Melbourne or Sydney. I haven't really picked a favourite yet - I think both are fantastic. What I can admit to though is loving the area down by Sydney's Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I visited Sydney recently when my sister came to visit. This my my first trip there since purchasing the OMD EM10 so a perfect opportunity to enjoy the city and take some great photos.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I spent a lot of time down by the bridge, playing with ISO settings to get the light balance right. The two shots below are my favourites, the boats in the foreground add a bit of extra detail and the second image has some great cloud formations.

Admiring the Sydney Harbour Bridge at dusk

Wonerful cloud formations over the Harbour Bridge in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House

No blog article about Sydney is complete without Australia's most famous man-made landmark (Uluru overall number 1?). The Pokemon GO craze made the area around the Opera House a bit hazardous as hordes of people were literally running around with their faces stuck to their phones. Not fun at all when trying to get the camera positioned just right.

I decided in the end to trust the 3x stabilisation on the OMD EM10 and just hold it. It worked and I ended up with the image below which I'm quite pleased with.

A very busy Sydney Opera House

No one is ever going to answer the 'which city is best?' question correctly but it was a fantastic trip to Sydney. Even if you love Melbourne I think as a photographer you can have some great fun in Sydney.