Sunset at St Kilda beach

Sunsets, sea and a new lens. Perfect Melbourne.

Living in Melbourne's CBD area means I'm not too far away from St Kilda and its great beach front. On offer are plenty of nice bars, cake shops and opportunities to take some photos. 

I was trying out my new Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 lens for the 1st time so had plenty of 'throwaway' shots. The good news on that lens for me though was that it paired nicely with the OMD EM-10. I had read that it might be too heavy with anything but the EM-1, this is not the case - it is perfect.

First up was a stroll through the raised walkways. These lead towards (or away from) the main pier area and look great as the sun goes down. Hope i've shown that with the shot below?

Great walkways through the reeds at St Kilda beach, Melbourne.

Great walkways through the reeds at St Kilda beach, Melbourne.

I've not really practiced with sunsets much but St Kilda's sunset this evening grabbed my attention so I decided to try and do it justice. This page's main image is my favourite of the day, taking in the famous St Kilda Pier with the sunsetting in the background. I like that image a lot.

The image below showing the paddle boarder is another favourite! Looks like great fun and what a place to do it with the beautiful sun set and St Kilda's pier to head towards. Brilliant.

A paddle boarder enjoys the sunset at St Kilda, Melbourne.

My final shot of the day is a boat being launched right next to the pier. My wife and I arrived just in time to see it go in, no shortage of action shots of it moving down the slope but my favourite one shown here is where the boat had just settled into the water. I struggle to balance the blues in images, which is me rather than the camera I reckon. Something to work on. All in all I was pretty happy with the day and the images it produced. The new lens certainly was fun to work with.

Boat launch by St Kilda Pier, Melbourne.