Travel Photography In Budapest, Hungary

Landscape Photography In Hungary’s Capital, Budapest

Budapest isn't short of great sights and places to practice Photography. The Hungarian Capital's Parliament building is right up there on my list of favourite buildings in Budapest. In the world in fact.

I'll spare you the history lesson on this building, that is what this wiki page is for surely. What I will say though is that for people living in modern, skyscraper rich cities it is surprising to know that the Hungarian Parliament building is the tallest building in Budapest. It also used to be the 'biggest' Parliament in the world, until London expanded it's Parliament just after Hungary's was completed... or so our bemused tour guide friend explained!

I enjoyed photographing Budapest's Parliament on my last trip. From all sorts of angles and at different times of the day. A trip across the river to the Buda side of the city also presents some fantastic views of the building.

Hungarian Parliament By Night

The most popular photo to take is probably the head on, night-time shot from the Buda side of the river. I had to have a go myself and after a few walks to the perfect spot during the day time I was ready to try this at night.

Note: All photographs in this article were taken by me on my Olympus OMD EM-10.

Budapest Parliament building at night.

I took this shot at a 0.8 sec exposure. I'm quite pleased with it and really like the light reflections coming off the water. I spent 15 minutes doing this and amusingly the best shot of the lot was the second one I took. 

Hungarian Parliament By Day

Taking photos here by day is a different experience but no less impressive. I recommend spending some time taking some close up shots of Parliament as it is situated in a lovely part of the city. The number 2 tram passes right in front of the building which is not just convenient but also provides an opportunity in itself for a decent photograph.

Number 2 tram passes in front of Hungary's Parliament in Budapest.

Last time I was here there was still scaffolding all around the building whilst they cleaned the city dirt and grime off it's lovely gothic styled architecture. No such problem now, it was fully revealed in all its glory so no excuse to avoid spending a while here just enjoying and photographing the building.

Budapest Parliament, Hungary.

Gardens in front of Budapest Parliament, Hungary.

I mentioned in an earlier post about Budapest that walking across to the Buda side of the river offers some spectacular views to photograph. I'll just repeat that now, as you can see from the main photograph of this article that the Parliament building looks fantastic from Buda. If you walk up to Buda Castle you'll get the chance to see Parliament as the backdrop for some other great sights too.

From the Buda side of the river, Hungary's Parliament looks great.

A truly great building and good fun to photograph. That is how I would describe Hungary's Parliament building. It obviously has great history to tell too so I would highly recommend a visit if you're in Budapest. Let me know how that goes and share your own photographs and stories of the trip. Thanks for reading.